It is a set of keys that identify and authenticate your website or mobile application when connecting to PayDunya's servers. CREATE AN APPDUNYA for each of your websites or application at the dashboard level of your PayDunya account.


This is PayDunya's Pay With Redistribution (PAR) API which allows you to redirect your customer to the PayDunya platform so that it can complete the payment process. We recommend using the API of "Payment With Redistribution (PAR)" because it is the most suitable in 99% of cases. The main advantage of this option is that customers can choose to pay from a variety of payment options available on our platform. Moreover, if a new option is added in the future, it will appear directly on the payment page without having to modify anything in your source code.


The PSR Payment Without Redirection , as its name suggests, is a service that allows your customers to pass payments on your website without being redirected to the PayDunya payment page.


PUSH allows you to make automatic transfers by debiting your PayDunya account to mobile money wallets or by the generation of cash withdrawal code. The customer must ensure that he has credited his PayDunya account. Currently the disbursement is only made on Orange money Senegal wallet or by wari withdrawal code.


This is PayDunya's "Payment And Redistribution (PER)" API which allows you to make transfers money to other PayDunya accounts. This API is useful for marketplaces or intermediation services that receive a percentage of all sales made by suppliers on their websites. This API must be associated with the PAR or PSR. The payment is made with the PAR or PSR and the sharing is done with the PER.


CRM is a service from PayDunya. It allows you to send SMS from your application, in this case your website or mobile application. It allows you to send a maximum of 50 simultaneous messages .


This is "Instant Payment Notification (IPN)" or Instant Payment Notification. This service sends the set of expected response data on an endpoint (URL to a file on your server) that you declare in order to handle this data in the backoffice. It is very useful for confirming payments that are not made not instantly because of latency servers or the mobile network or the Internet or to because of the time the customer has to confirm payment on their phone. Anyway the IPN allows you to ensure that the status of a payment is confirmed by our servers