Read all the blue sections to better understand the documentation and the orange sections signifying the alert so avoid mistakes to be made during integrations and detailed integration procedures.


API keys are your digital references towards PayDunya systems. We use them to identify your account and the applications you will create. These keys are necessary for any integration of the APIs of PayDunya's payments APIs. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First you need have a PayDunya Business account activated. Create one if it is not yet the case.

  • Login to your account and click on oneAPI at the menu level on the left.

  • Click on the button Set up a new application and fill out the form.

  • Choose Test mode, I want to make payment tests and Enable production mode.



Go to the following link:

  • Fill in your magento credentials ie password and email and login If you did not have magento credentials then you will need to create them

  • After logging in you have to go to the tab Marketplace

  • Go to the tab My products and AccessKeys

  • Then choose Magento 2 because there is Magento 2 and magento 1 or the PayDunya module has been set in compatibility with the Magento 2

  • Enter the name you want to match your new keys

  • Validate the name by pressing the button ok and you will have the appearance of your public and private keys

  • La public key is your authentication username and the private key is your authentication key for the magento repository


You must type the following command to download the PayDunya magento module.

composer require pay_dunya/magento-module dev-master1


After doing this command you will be asked to put your credentials and there you will do as follows
Username = public key of magento, Password = private key of magento.


Then you will see the installed module.


  • Login by going to Dashboard as an administrator by putting your admin credentials

  • empty the cash with the button flush Magentocash

  • go to the tab store and then in the sub-tabconfiguration

  • scroll down the drop-down menu sales

  • go in payment methods

  • go to PayDunya and scroll down and configure it:

    • Enabled = yes

    • New order status = Pending payment

    • Redirect customer to paydunya instead ofiframe = yes

  • save the changes with save config