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PayDunya is a service that allows you to make and receive payments online via Orange Money, bank cards VISA/MASTERCARD/GIM, Wari,...

In order to facilitate the integration of the PayDunya service under WordPress, we designed a WordPress plugin as a payment gateway for WooCommerce PayDunya service. WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It's an expandable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell everything you want through your WordPress website.


Before moving on to the following steps and installing the PayDunya WordPress plugin, you must first have the plugin woocommerce installed and activated on your WordPress site.



Click on paydunya-woocommerce-psr to download the latest version of our WordPress plugin.

  • Login to your WordPress admin area.

  • Then go to Extensions> Add using the menu on the left.

  • Click the Upload an extension button just at the top.

  • Then click Browse and choose the zip file you want have just downloaded.

  • Click Install to install the plugin.

  • When the installation is complete, click on Activate to activate the PayDunya plugin.


To configure the BCEAO XOF currency (FCFA), go to WooCommerce> Settings using the menu on the left. At the very bottom, at the Currency Options section, choose BCEAO XOF (FCFA) as value for the Currency field and click Save Changes.



To set up the PayDunya WordPress plugin, go to WooCommerce > Settings using the menu from the left.

  • In the tab menu just at the top, click Payments .

  • You should normally see Paydunya in the means of payment right at the bottom of the tabbed menu.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach the Means of Payment section, you will see normally in the "Method" column, the option Payment with PayDunya . If you want to do of PayDunya service, your main payment option, move your cursor to the "menu level burger" (3 horizontal lines) to the left of "Payment with PayDunya" in the "Method" column and make drag-and-drop to move the "Payment with PayDunya" gateway to the first position at the listing. PayDunya will now be your first choice payment option.

  • Then click on the Payment with PayDunya link to proceed to the plugin configuration.


The configuration options are:

  • Enable/Disable: Check/uncheck this box to enable/disable the PayDunya payment module.

  • Title: It allows you to specify the text that the customer will see on the payment page of his order. (It is recommended to leave the default title)

  • Description: It allows you to give much more details about the payment solution. (It is recommended to leave the default description).

  • Main Key: Enter the Primary Key provided by PayDunya when creating your application.

  • Private Production Key: Enter the Private Production Key provided by PayDunya when creating your application.

  • Production Token: Enter the production Token provided by PayDunya when creating your application.

  • Private Test Key: Enter the Private Test Key provided by PayDunya when creating your application.

  • Test Token: Enter the test Token provided by PayDunya when creating your application.

  • Activate production mode: Leave the box unchecked or uncheck just in case.

  • Click Save Changes so that your changes are taken into account.


What do I need to use the PayDunya WordPress plugin?