After having followed the steps found in the section introduction, you can then integrate this API Client.


To send phone credit to your customers, you need your API keys in your PayDunya account. So log into your PayDunya account already created and access your API keys by the link details just to the right of the app you created.

So, in an automated way, your customers will be able to receive telephone credit, regardless of the operator to which they have subscribed in Sénégal: Orange , Free or Expresso. For this you will need three 03 keys in the format JSON .

The three 03 JSON keys to have are as follows :

  • "account_alias" :

    Is the recipient's phone number without a country code.

  • "amount"

    Is the amount to be spent inXOF

  • "withdraw_mode"

    Defines the withdrawal endpoint.


Make sure that the PER API or disbursement is activated in your dashboard at API WebPay and MobPay level. your dashboard

Phone credit topup

Endpoints API


curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 
-H "PAYDUNYA-MASTER-KEY: wQzk9ZwR-Qq9m-0hD0-zpud-je5coGC3FHKW" \ 
-H "PAYDUNYA-PRIVATE-KEY: test_private_rMIdJM3PLLhLjyArx9tF3VURAF5" \ 
-H "PAYDUNYA-TOKEN: IivOiOxGJuWhc5znlIiK" \ 
-X POST -d ' { "account_alias" : "777969818", "amount" : 4500, "withdraw_mode" : 
"airtime" }' \ 

Expected response

    "response_code": "00", 
    "response_text": "Transaction completed successfully"", 
    "description": "Success! Amount of 4500 FCFA has been transfered to Phone Number 777969818", 
    "transaction_id": "TFA-TX-37XqPpVCjU7ReiycUg97", 
    "provider_ref": "565486" 


"transaction_id" is the PayDunya transaction ID, "provider_ref" the transaction reference for the provider.